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The Scotsburn Fire Was Serious!

A large crowd over-flowed the Buninyong Town Hall for the information session conducted by the emergency services. Counselling support and emergency financial assistance is available for those adversely affected by the fires.

By Russell Luckock

The CFA had issued a warning to the entire state that Saturday would be a dangerous fire day – and so it turned out to be! The Scotsburn fire started near Finns Road and continued in a southerly and easterly direction being fanned by a fearsome hot north wind that subsequently turned more westerly. Over 4,000 hectares of grass and bush was burnt before the fire was finally held within its containment lines on the following day when rain and cooler conditions prevailed after midday.

Emergency services called public meetings to keep the local public and the media informed about the fire situation as it stood as well as the likely scenario in the immediate future. At the Buninyong Town Hall meeting the incident Controller, Jon Rofe, told the overflowing audience that some 60 appliances had been deployed as well as 12 aircraft including one from Canberra and the DC10 water tanker from Sydney.

Fire crews from CFA and DEWLP did a tremendous job in eventually bring ing the fire under control especially in view of the wild conditions of Saturday afternoon. A number of houses were lost leaving some families devastated but fortunately without loss of life.