Home News The seats have arrived at Her Majesty’s Ballarat

The seats have arrived at Her Majesty’s Ballarat

Cr Samantha McIntosh test drives the new seats currently being installed in Her Majesty’s Theatre.

EIGHT hundred and ninety brand new seats have arrived and installation begins today at Her Majesty’s Ballarat. The new seats will be installed on a new curved alignment for additional seats, a total of 890 seats, and improved access for DDA.

The Ballarat City Council has funded the $1.148 million redevelopment of Her Majesty’s Ballarat. The Redevelopment includes: New, specially designed carpet for the entire building; Realignment and reinstallation of foot warmers; Patch, repair and polish flooring; Carpentry works to stairs; New vinyl flooring in the Balcony and Dress Circle levels; Electrical works and lighting connection; New communications infrastructure; Painting and general construction works The redevelopment was a popular project of the 2014/15 Budget Priority Projects Survey.

On time and one budget, the Her Majesty’s redevelopment will be completed in February 2016. Works began in December and have been actioned during the theatre’s usual shut down period. Cr Samantha McIntosh said she was ‘absolutely excited’ to see the new seats in the theatre. “This has been a long time coming,” she said. “We have been working on this for about ten years to secure the funding, and as many people in Ballarat know, certainly those that have been part of the fund raising committee, to raise enough awareness and therefore secure some support and funding, it’s certainly time.”

The seats are aqua velvet and very similar to the previous seats. “What we have done is duplicate the old original colours of the theatre – it’s about respect and sympathy of what was here before but making sure that we provide some comfort and space to take our theatre to what we will require for the next 10, 20 30 years of comfort.” New flooring includes linoleum in the dress circle; the entry foyer of the theatre and the Long Room, as well as on the stairs and entry areas, carpet has been especially made with Her Majesty’s logo woven into it. “The carpet is individually made for Her Majesty’s Theatre here in Ballaarat with all of the original heritage colours of the theatre woven into the design,” Cr McIntosh said. “The sides of the seats are being cast by a local Ballarat foundry, Hasco, and it’s very exciting to be able to include as much local content as possible. “We’ve had a local artist who has been working on the design of the cast seat ends and we really can’t wait to see that first end come out of the foundry.”

The Her Majesty’s Ballarat Seat Sale has been a great success with 464 seats finding new homes in 2016. Driven by her Majesty’s Fundraising Committee, the sale has raised more than $13,685 for the future restoration of Her Majesty’s Ballarat.