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The Shark Club


“Back on the small island off southwest Florida where I lived and worked as a marine scientist, they called me, Maeve, the shark whisperer”. How’s that for the description of the heroine of a novel? Added to that the fact that when Maeve was twelve she was attacked by a shark, and has a lengthy scar to prove it. So why on earth would she become so obsessed with sharks and their behaviour? Ann Kidd Taylor, the daughter of the renowned writer, Sue Monk Kidd, explains the whole thing in this bitter-sweet novel. Along the way we learn a good deal about sharks, and she gives thanks to the help she received from the Binini Biological Field Station which is dedicated to the study and conservation of sharks, where the author has Maeve studying lemon sharks. This mix of fact and fiction gives credibility to her main characters. This book is really a love story, though its setting brings with it much more fascination than most works in this genre. Maeve’s first love, Daniel, has a brief affair with another woman, which leaves Maeve with a deep sense of betrayal, which she finds difficult to forget. Then she meets her dive partner, Nicholas, and begins to see him as more than a colleague but Daniel comes back into her life, widowed, and with a most appealing small daughter to captivate Maeve all over again. You’ll have to become a member of THE SHARK CLUB to find out how this captivating scenario is resolved.


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