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Thefts in Ballarat Continue Many Businesses Hit


A STORY in a local paper, last week, stated that ‘thieves burgled five Ballarat premises in a cross-city crime spree early on Tuesday morning’. Unfortunately this crime spree continued the following day with a mechanics shop broken into and a large number of items stolen. Also last week, for the umpteenth time, a barber shop in Sebastopol has had its door kicked in, and don’t forget the two 12 year olds in the Sebastopol Car Wreckers playing smash up derby or car windows broken in ballarat North.

A few weeks back a tyre business was broken into and items stolen, these were later recovered by police. These are just the reported crimes.

How many businesses with broken windows and malicious damage, tradies with stolen tools, feel it’s just not worth reporting? In the break-in at Spanners and Sparks Automotive last week, thieves kicked in a side window and used a fire extinguisher to break into the locked workshop. There they helped themselves to tools, a computer and broke into the safe and till.

Owner, Philip Kolarik, said the thieves only went for electrical tools and items that could be sold on. The twenty-seven-year old only purchased the business, where he had begun his apprenticeship, earlier this year.

This has been a hard ride for the young mechanic, with the death of his father late last year and now this. “It hasn’t interrupted our work and it’s business as usual, but it’s a lot harder without the tools,” he said philosophically. On top of costs to purchase the business he has had to spend more on additional security.

“It’s not right that these people go around and do what they do. Look at the number of people affected just last week,” Philip said. All the people who have been victims of crime can only sit back and shake their heads while the minority lashes out on hard working business people. I, for one, am fed up with the lenient sentences that are dished out by some judges when these criminals face court.

In a country like Australia, where you are given a monetary handout for just about anything, there is no need to thieve and take from those who work long hours and earn their money in an honest way.