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‘Thunder’ Takes Canadian Lead Primary School to the top in the Human Powered Vehicle A1


CONGRATULATIONS go out to Canadian Lead Primary School who placed 1st with their team ‘Thunder’ in the 14 hour HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) A1 Energy Breakthrough endurance trial at Maryborough last weekend.

School Principal Darlene Cameron said students were required to carry out a presentation and also go through a process where they are asked a series of questions about the cart including safety, sustainability and environmental factors with riding the cart and then they take part in the race.

“Team Thunder also placed 3rd overall, so we are very proud of them,” Ms Cameron said. “This is our 7th year in the competition and our best performance to date.” A lot of the success has come from teamwork and how well the students worked together.

“We started training in term one and we actually competed in an event in Mt Gambier in the first weekend of the school holidays and actually placed first in that event,” Ms Cameron explained.
“So we knew we had a strong team and that motivated them to continue on and really build up for this event.”

Thunder lived up to its name with ‘driver’ changeover taking only 30 seconds – getting a student out of the car safely and another driver in, seatbelt on, pedals in and whoosh. The race took place over two days with 8 hours on Friday and 6 hours on Saturday, with a 6am start. The second school team ‘Lightning’ placed 12th..