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Train Wreck


Stars Amy Schumer and LeBron James

Trainwreck is frequently laugh-out-loud funny in the raunchiest way thanks to Amy Schumer, the American stand-up comic whose act and Comedy Central show have become hits because of her casual frankness in discussing all matters of sex. Schumer is also the problem with her film as she can take ownership because she wrote the script, which is directed by Judd Apatow. When “Trainwreck” is hilarious, it’s in a sketchcomedy manner, which is the way in which her cable show operates very successfully. Where she really succeeds here is in giving men some of the funniest roles they will ever experience, and in surprising ways. Who knew Basketball star LeBron James could so remarkably play against our preconceived notions of what a megastar athlete is like, delivering deadpan comebacks that kill? Who knew muscle headed wrestler John Cena could make you say “uncle” in a sexual way. The man now has a comedy career, in much the same way that Jason Statham stole scenes in the movie “Spy” recently. There are moments of comedy gold, with Schumer’s character a real moron, She plays Amy, a single New Yorker who lives a free-of-inhibitions lifestyle modelled on a principle her unfaithful father taught her and her sister “monogamy is not realistic” as we see in an opening scene with the two as little girls. This setup opens a number of comedic possibilities such as Amy waking up in strange places and a dirtytalk sex session gone horribly wrong between her and Cena that is one of the funniest things on screen this year. Amy would have us believe that she’s happy with this life, but we can tell she’s in a rut from the randomness. The constant drunkenness and potsmoking are choices that she really enjoys, but they are symbols of a woman in her mid-30s who continues to act like a rebellious teen. Amy is also a writer for a men’s magazine full of hateful, judgmental employees that are funny because they are so terribly real. What’s not funny is Amy as a brainless writer who never writes. We never see her work. She’s assigned one article to write over two months but mostly just gets drunk. When we’re given a sample of her writing late in the film, it’s horrific. This and many other situations give us great moments of comedy involving not only LeBron James, but also Chris Evert and others. Also a subplot around a doctor played by Bill Hader, provides an excellent straight man opposite zany Amy, the girl he falls for hard. The problem is whether you can believe Amy when she expresses her feelings for everyone or is she simply a “Trainwreck”.

Definitely one for Adults only.

Rated MA 15plus

7 out of 10

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