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Turtle lantern festival


TEESDALE residents are preparing for Live@Turtle Bend, their annual concert and lantern parade, where the local primary school students will lead a twilight parade down Teesdale’s main street, on Saturday October 31, from 5 pm. The event will offer a feast of musical talent, with Geelong’s up-and-comingblues/ funk band “The Kite Machine” headlining the concert. Supporting acts will include rock band Glitch, solo artist Joshua Dower, folk pop reggae act Et Cetera and Geelong pop band Black Lilac. The winners of the Regional Battle of the Bands will also perform at the event. “Teesdale is a small town, but we have an active community and our event is unique in the Shire,” said one of the organisers, Stewart Seaton. Live@Turtle Bend is a free community event -organised “by the community for the community.” In the lantern parade, Teesdale’s new drum circle will lead students down the main street. “In Teesdale, we have a group of committed people, and we’ve found that, by pulling together, you can achieve almost anything,” said Mr Seaton. “For one night of the year, performers and community come together to enjoy some culture.”

Live@Turtle Bend is funded by local sponsors and Teesdale Primary School assists the students to create the stunning parade lanterns. Warming fires and hearty refreshments will add to the atmosphere. For the first time, the Regional Finals of the “Push Start” Battle of the Bands is also being held at the Turtle Pavilion (Saturday 24 October) organised by FreeZA Youth Development Program. The winning band will perform at Live@ TurtleBend. They will also score a spot in the Battle of the Bands Grand Final, to be held at Moomba 2016. The Regional Battle of the Bands is also being supported by the Turtle Bend Events Committee, Oxygen Music College and Meredith Music Festival.