GDFL came to play with some hope, instead they pulled off an upset: Coach Adam Skrobalak and Captain Brent Macleod take the trophy home to Geelong.

A MERE four points was the difference between winning and losing in last Saturday’s interleague clash between the losing side Central Highlands Football League and Geelong and District Football League. CHFL coach Clive Raak put the loss down to a number of wasted opportunities. This was Central Highlands’ first senior interleague competition defeat since 2012.

“It is really disappointing because we didn’t take our chances when we should have,” Raak said. “That’s a big thing. We made a couple of mistakes that resulted in free goals in that third quarter as well. “But that’s footy. We just didn’t take our chances and we didn’t win the game. 12.18 was probably a reflection of how bad we were in front of goals.” It was a reversal of fortunes at half time with GDFL putting their first half mistakes behind them and CHFL picking them up. Taking to the microphone after the match Geelong and District coach Adam Skrobalak praised their opponents adding that CHFL had a few injuries going into the game and the team probably wasn’t at full strength but the players on field had done a good job. “To our guys, you really worked hard and obviously we didn’t play our best footy in the first half, second half we really got our game up and running and really started to gel together,” he said.

“We think we had a really good mix of young and old and hopefully it continues to build over the next few years.”

Skrobalak had put his team through six training sessions before Saturday’s clash.

“I guess at the end of the day, you pinch a win like that and you think: were we lucky? Well, if you put the work in, you’re not lucky,” he said.

The GDFL has moved to 22nd in the AFL Victoria Community Championship rankings, with the Central Highlands slipping to 25th. Brenton Powell (CHFL) and Brent Macleod (GDFL) were named best on ground for their respective sides.