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What possessed the Western Australia Liberal Party get into a political bed with Pauline Hanson and her distasteful One Nation party?


You do not need to be the one-eyed man in the Kingdom of the blind to know that her party is openly racist, bigoted, short-sighted, xenophobic (remember please explain?), and economically illiterate. Hanson is not only misinformed she is uninformed. Her lack of formal education is evident, and her University of hard knocks degree does little to advance her cause, or serve the people of this country. Like Doctor Faustus, both Hanson and the Liberal Party sold their souls– deserting good governance and grasping at power. Finance Minister, Mathias Cormann– who was one of the brokers of the ill-fated Hanson deal has defended the decision, arguing the sound routing was expected – and had been for some time – and the deal was one way of lessening the severity of the defeat. Fortunately the people of Western Australia saw the loathsome deal for what it was and voted accordingly. The swing against the Barnett Liberal government was 15%.

Predictably, Hanson is blaming everyone except her party and its odious policies for the lacklustre performance at the polling booth. She argues the result is ‘fantastic’ and has even managed to extrapolate the figures to make the result more palatable to her ego and her misguided supporters. She claimed the party’s percentage across the board was in excess of 8-percent. That figure relates to the seats where One Nation ran a candidate. Across the board she polled 4.75 percent – a number she has not mentioned in any of her media appearances. In another of her preposterous overstatements, Hanson is claiming to have won up to five seats in the Western Australian Upper House. The electoral commission has not released any information to date so her claim is spurious.

Hanson’s profile and public recognition has distorted her perception of herself and her odious party. She needs to learn that politics is not a game and she is a protest party, not one of the major players. The hubris of ignorance is dangerous. Her inability to coherently prosecute an argument is concerning; her limited vocabulary is of equal concern; and her kitchen table/fish-and-chip shop view of politics is disturbing. Her recent misinformed and dangerous comments about the vaccination of children, and the worth of Vladimir Putin as a leader, are unacceptable – under any circumstances. Her distortion of facts, her dependence on hearsay, her vicious and emotional denunciations and over-simplification of complex issues have been glaring. She offers apocryphal rather empirical evidence to support her claims, and, when proven wrong, pleads ignorance, which only serves to affirm that she is not intellectually equipped to occupy the office. There was a time when she argued that Australia was in danger of being swamped by Asians. That did not come to pass, and now she has turned her ugly, racist eye to our Muslim population. With her lack of academic qualifications – she left school at fifteen which suggests she does not have even a basic Junior/Intermediate Certificate as it would have been in her day Pauline Hanson should not be in politics. The world is a global village. Events unfold at lightning speed. Her capacity to deal with simple, let alone complex concepts, is dubious. Her aspiration to forming government is truly laughable.

Hanson appeals to the worst basic instincts. It is evident from her public utterances she is a divisive and dangerous figure; a fundamentalist of the worst kind. It would not be a stretch to brand her an ignoramus. Australian politics would be better served without her and her like – too many of whom are ensconced in our political system. As for the Liberal Party and their willingness to use Hanson and her ugly party for their own ends: they need to take a good, long and hard look at themselves. It is little wonder their supporters deserted them in such numbers in Western Australia. I suspect the same thing will happen at the next federal election.

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