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Work experience at BHS

Work Experience: Sue Jakob Manager of Volunteer Services and Work Experience Coordinator, Ailza Millington BHS mail room and work experience student Jayde Watkins.

BALLARAT Health Services (BHS) has been running a very successful work experience program for many years.

Sue Jakob Manager of Volunteer Services and Work Experience Coordinator said BHS would host over 100 students in a school year. This week Jayde Watkins, a year 10 student at Ballarat High School, was welcomed into the hospital mail room, the first port of call for students. “I have always had an interest in helping people and working with people so I thought I would sort of test it where I want to go with a career path,” she said.

“The hospital has always been something in my mind and my mum has just started nursing, so I thought I would come to the hospital and have a look at all the different areas.

“I’m hoping this week will help me to see which area I could be interested in and what is not for me.” Ailza Millington is in charge of the mail room hospital mail room and says it’s a good place for students to begin their work experience as mail is delivered and collected from all over the building. “I take them around the whole hospital, teach them what we do with the mail, how it comes in, how we sort it and give it out,” Ms Millington said.

“We go into the different departments and it’s a great way for them to see the whole hospital admin, theatre, ICU, CWSD, and some of the nurses have been good enough to show students the monitors, one on one, which is interesting for the students and then we go into sterilizing and Deakin have been good enough to show them into the classrooms.”

Ms Jakob added that the hospital runs a number of work experience programs. ”It’s like a smorgasbord sort of approach another similar program is based in allied health where students go into different areas and it gives students a feel for a whole lot of different areas,” she said.

“They may be unsure about what exactly they want to do and having a good look around may perhaps help them decide which area interests them.

“The other program that we can offer is in aged care and non-medial work experiences -they can go into our food services area, engineering, supply so it’s not just about having a medical career. “All our staff are very supportive and keen for our students to have a good experience.”