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World Interfaith Harmony Week

Choir Students from St Alipius Primary Sschool sang for Ballarat, in front of the Town Hall.

BALLARAT Interfaith Network held its annual celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week on Monday, focusing on the commonalities between religions rather than differences.

In partnership with Ballarat City Council, the event was held in Queen Victoria Square.

United Nations World Interfaith Harmony Week, inaugurated in February 2011, came about in response to an initiative presented by King Abdullah II of Jordan, calling for Muslim and Christian leaders to engage in a dialogue based on two common fundamental religious commandments: Love of God, and Love of Neighbour.

The Ballarat Interfaith Network, formed just over 13 years ago, is one of an ever-widening network of interfaith organisations across Victoria, indeed, across the world.

The aim of the Network is to help build bridges of communication, respect and understanding between people of all faiths; and its vision is that the Ballarat community feels free to express its spiritual diversity in respect and harmony.

The keynote speaker this year was Ms Kamilia Khosh, of the local Baha’i faith community who said religions could not afford to advance separately, instead spiritual progress needed to be global.