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Zombie dance from the Eureka Drill Dance


A SPECIAL presentation was made to the Eureka Drill Dance Club by the Ballarat City Senior Citizens Club, during a celebration of the Senior Citizens 55th birthday.

Drill Dance coach Annette Haycock said the club was only formed last year and is the only one of its kind the Ballarat, the next closest is Geelong.

“I’ve done drill dance for a very long time and I was asked by the Victorian Drill Dance Board to see if there was any interest (in Ballarat) and I put feelers out and a bunch of girls said they would like to do it, so that’s how it started,” she said.

“Basically drill dance has its basis from marching girls and marching dance/ bands, so it’s the same thing but it’s evolved. “About three years ago the Australian Marching Association rebranded it and it became Drill Dance Australia.” Ms Haycock added that Drill Dance incorporates a lot more dance and uses props as well as the drill. “At the moment we have 7 intermediates – so that’s under 17s, and we have two under 12s,” she said. “We train twice a week and they compete on Sunday’s and it is not only girls, boys can join, too. “The main competition is in Victoria, we have State Titles and then Australian Championships, the Australian Championships rotate states each year.”