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That’s Not My Dog!


Starring Shane Jacobson and Paul Hogan Following the current popularity of Jacobson with his TV work and other movie The BBQ, comes this very funny film featuring Shane (playing himself) and a bunch of his best friends enjoying a party dedicated to Shane’s dad, the aim? As well as clearing a literal truckload of beer and enjoying some great music, each invited guest must bring nothing but their three funniest jokes and Shane will take care of the rest.

The film is unashamedly an opportunity for some of a who’s who of aussie stars to be seen on screen. Directed by Dean Murphy, each of the cast members in the film play themselves with some hysterical consequences.

You will need to see the movie to hear the jokes but how about this for a lineup of stars. Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee), Jimeoin (The Craic), Steve Vizard (Tonight Live with Steve Vizard), Michala Banas (Upper Middle Bogan), Fiona O’Loughlin (Spicks and Specks and Celebrity Get Me Out of Here), Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony All Stars), Lehmo (The Project), Ed Kavalee (Have You Been Paying Attention?), Paul Fenech (Fat Pizza), Marty Fields (Blue Heelers), Christie Whelan Browne (The Wrong Girl), Stephen Hall (Comedy Inc), Dave Eastgate (Doctor Doctor), Genevieve Morris (Comedy Inc), Bev Killick (Busting Out), Emily Taheny (True Story with Hamish & Andy), Khaled Khalafalla (Upper Middle Bogan), Hung Le (The Wog Boy), Ross Daniels (The Wedge), Lulu McClatchy (Bogan Pride), Spud Murphy (Stand Up Comic), John Foreman (Carols By Candlelight), Stewart Faichney (Strange Bedfellows) and Nathaniel Lloyd (The Big I Am). In what sounds more like a gathering than a movie, it also features Australian musicians The Black Sorrows, Russell Morris, Adam Brand, Dan Kelly and the Meltdown, playing their biggest hits live, right throughout the party. To celebrate the release of the movie a joke book, features 200 jokes is being released and don’t be surprised if a TV series follows. The film is a light hearted romp many will enjoy and it is very funny.

Next role for a busy Shane Jacobson is playing the role of the Narrator in The Rocky Horror Show across Australia.

Rated M 7 out of 10